LeedsforLife Refresh

We are refreshing LeedsforLife as part of the University's focus on continually improving the experiences of our students.

Our LeedsforLife commitment continues to be at the very heart of Student Education at the University, empowering students to make the most of their time at Leeds and beyond.​

Through this refresh project, we are updating the communications around LeedsforLife as well as introducing new digital tools through PebblePad – our new ePortfolio system, which will host valuable insights from our new bespoke Learning Analytics system.

Using these tools, students will be able to lead discussions with their academic personal tutors, who will work in partnership with them towards their academic and personal goals.​

This project is overseen by the LeedsforLife Strategy Group, a sub-group of the Student Experience and Success Strategy Group. Developments will be in place for the start of the 2021/22 academic year.​

The LeedsforLife Vision


What happens next?​

We will share regular updates through this project page. So please visit regularly for all the latest on the refresh of LeedsforLife, including 'dates for your diary' for training and Q&A sessions.​

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Web decommission list and proposed direction of functions


What can I do now?

READ a handy guide for academic personal tutors highlighting tips and systems you will need as part of your APT role.  

READ Four things you need to know as an academic personal tutoring to help prepare for the year ahead

WATCH a short video explainer by James Pickering, Academic Lead for Learning Analytics implementation, on how the Learning Analytics system works for academic personal tutors

WATCH six short videos introducing Pebblepad

WATCH a short video covering frequently asked questions about Learning Analytics

WATCH a quick video run through of how the Learning Analytics dashboard will work.

READ the Principles of the Learning Analytics programme 

READ an outline of the Learning Analytics Code of Practice

READ the Taught Student Education Board report on Academic Personal Tutoring (APT)

READ the latest update for the Leeds Network


DOWNLOAD the editable Academic Personal Tutoring planning template to outline provision for students (black version)

DOWNLOAD the editable Academic Personal Tutoring planning template to outline provision for students (white version)


Dates for your diary​

  • June/July - Training for academic personal tutors using the new LeedsforLife tools​
  • August – Students given access to new LeedsforLife tools as part of Welcome, Induction and Transition​
  • September – New LeedsforLife tools available to taught students and their academic personal tutors​


We want to hear from you...​

It was great to hear from so many colleagues at our recent Q&A sessions. Thanks for sharing your views about the LeedsforLife Refresh. This is an ongoing process, so please keep in touch with any questions or comments.  ​

Email the project team on: LeedsforLife@leeds.ac.uk