The University of Leeds believes that being or becoming pregnant, terminating a pregnancy or having a very young child (including through adoption) should not be a barrier to a student starting, succeeding in, or completing a programme of study at the University.

The Equality Service provides support and guidance to students who this applies to, and also to staff who work with pregnant students.  

Their policy is based on a set of important guiding principles, namely:

  • Avoiding less favourable treatment
  • Taking a flexible approach
  • Demonstrating a non-judgmental and sensitive approach
  • Enabling informed choices. 

 It also outlines guidance on the following points:

  • A summary of the key responsibities
  • Whether a student needs to notify the school or department
  • The different support available, particularly about making a choice on whether to continue with the pregnancy
  • Support in the event of a miscarriage or stillbirth
  • The impact that pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a parent may have on continuing studies
  • Flexibility from the University
  • Support and guidance for international students.