Timetabling reference materials

To enable you to carry out timetabling, you need an up to date Syllabus Plus image. There are also a selection of useful tools to help with successful timetabling. 

Syllabus Plus image files

Live image files are updated on a weekly basis.

2021 image file (login required)

1920 image file (login required)

1819 image file (login required)

1718 image file (archived image - full year - no login required)

1617 image file (archived image - full year - no login required)

1516 image file (archived image - full year - no login required) 

Syllabus Plus Licences

Requires access to update files on the C drive of your PC.

  1. Install or update your licence files for Syllabus Plus.
  2. An option box should pop up, if it doesn't click on the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser window.
  3. Choose the 'Open' option if prompted.
  4. In the window that opens, double click to run the SplusLicenceUpdate file.
  5. A security window may pop up, click 'Run' to continue.
  6. You should get a message to tell you that your licences have been updated, press any key to close the window. If you do not receive the 'Licences updated' message, copy the SplusLicenceUpdate file to your desktop and run it from there.

If you experience any issues while updating your licence files please contact the IT Service Desk.

Student allocation tools

These are Excel applications for uploading and copying student allocations. 

Copy student allocations (zip file)

Upload activity allocations (zip file)

Online forms

These are forms for schools to use to make common requests to Programmes and Assessment (Timetabling) team.

Request a school owned room be added to S+

Syllabus Plus (S+) training requests
Request for Syllabus Plus 'New User' training
Request for Syllabus Plus 'Refresher or bespoke' training
Request for training on Enterprise