Using Syllabus Plus

Anyone putting a timetable together will need to use Syllabus Plus software.

Before you begin

If you are new to timetabling you'll need access to the software and to undertake training before you can get started.


We use Syllabus Plus (S+) to create our teaching timetable. If you don't have the software on your PC (check under "Programs" on the Start menu), contact the IT Service Desk to request installation. You'll need to include your PC details


To obtain training all prospective new users are required to complete our online application form:

Once you have completed the training you'll be issued with a username.

New User training is held in March each year as standard at the start of the annual timetable cycle.

If you are an existing member of staff and would like refresher training, we can arrange one to one sessions throughout the year. We can also tackle specific timetabling problems in these sessions. Bear in mind that this might not be possible during peak periods in the timetabling cycle.

Comprehensive training materials are available to download to supplement face to face training.