Integrated PhD-masters new programme approval

The integrated PhD and Master is a research degree programme with a combination of taught modules and research

The programme of study involves a combination of taught specialist modules, training and skills courses, and research study. This allows Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) to broaden and deepen subject knowledge and to extend their expertise in new directions.

The integrated PhD and Master is a four year full-time only programme where PGRs study a combination of taught modules (split across Years 1 and 2) and research. These are commonly, but not exclusively, part of a Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT). 

Schools must seek approval for the taught component of the programme through STSEC and FTSEC before the research element is considered by the Programmes of Study and Audit Group. In some instances this may also involve consideration at a Programmes Approval Group.

Further information is available regarding the consideration and approval process for the taught component is available on the university quality assurance pages

The full consideration process is:

1. Complete the taught postgraduate programme proposal form - this sets out the Masters element of the integrated PhD

2. Complete the new PhD programme form - This sets out the specifics to the PhD programme

3. Have the programme considered by an external reviewer - both the master and the research degree as a whole programme

4. Have the Masters element considered by the School Taught Student Education Committee (STSEC) or equivalent 

5. Hold an ad-hoc Programme Approval Group (PAG) with attendance from:

- Standard group composition for a PAG (Director of Student Education, Programme Leader etc)
- The Faculty Director of Postgraduate Research (Chair of Faculty Graduate School Committee)
- The Chair of Programmes of Study and Audit Group (PSAG)

Once approved the new programme will be reported at PSAG and Graduate Board and added to the PGR ordinances and regulations