External Assessors

External Assessors are responsible for providing external oversight of the end point assessment (EPA) aspect of integrated higher and degree apprenticeships, and external quality assurance monitoring of our EPA delivery.

A number of our apprenticeship programmes have an integrated end point assessment, where the EPA is fully integrated into the on-programme delivery. In these instances, the University is responsible for delivering EPA in line with the Assessment Plan for the apprenticeship Standard as detailed on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education website.


External assessors are normally appointed for four years and will also hold the role of external examiner for the mandatory qualification on the higher or degree apprenticeship. Therefore the individual often holds a dual role of external examiner and external assessor. Individuals will normally be appointed to the dual role of external examiner and external assessor via a single appointment process.


The external assessor handbook provides details on the role of external assessors, external assessor activities and external assessor reports. The external assessor handbook should be read in conjunction with the external examiner handbook which provides details on Institutional policies and procedures related to external examining, appointments and duties. 


External assessors will be provided with a schedule of EPA activities for each academic year once these are known. The schedule will include dates for potential visits to observe EPA delivery (where applicable) and dates of Progression/End Point Assessment and Awards Boards. External assessors are required to conduct at least one visit to the University as EPA Organisation for each cohort of apprentices completing an EPA, these visits can be conducted either on-site or online.


External assessors are required to submit an annual report within four weeks of the relevant EPA/Progression and Awards Board. A template is provided by the Learning Enhancement Team to ensure consistency of the reports. External assessors are asked to submit completed reports in Word format to the Learning Enhancement Team.

The Learning Enhancement Team will circulate received reports to the relevant Schools and request a School response which is either written or approved by the Head of School. The Learning Enhancement Team will respond to the report as applicable, and forward the completed report to the external assessor, the School, and also retain a copy as part of ongoing external quality assurance monitoring of our EPAs.


External assessors are required to undertake continued professional development (CPD) and training in line with the standards set out in the EPA plan. External assessors are asked to provide details of their CPD and any relevant training they undertake on an annual basis. 


Schools are responsible for the payment of fees and expenses to external assessors. External assessors are paid an annual fee upon receipt of the annual report. Fee rates are detailed in the schedule of payments. External assessors can also claim reasonable travel and subsistence expenses, for example to cover expenses for visiting the University to assess EPA delivery. Valid expenses will be reimbursed by the relevant school which will provide the necessary claim forms.


Please contact the Learning Enhancement Team at LE-Apprenticeships@leeds.ac.uk at with any questions relating to external assessors at the University.