Academic Personal tutoring

Academic Personal Tutoring has a crucial role to play throughout a student’s time at University and beyond. Guiding students through welcome, induction and subsequent re-orientation at the start of each academic stage. Helping students to maximise their success and enabling them to feel part of the vibrant academic community in their School.

The University’s values, and our commitment to the Leeds Partnership and the ethos of Leeds for Life, underpin all aspects of Personal Tutoring.

The core purposes of an Academic Personal Tutor are to: 

•    contribute to maximising student success 
•    help students to feel part of a learning community by developing a sense of belonging. This will be through regular contact and development of a professional and supportive relationship
•    assist students in regularly reviewing their academic progress. This includes supporting and encouraging the development of independent learning skills
•    encourage students to reflect on their learning, both within and beyond the formal curriculum, and how it contributes to their future development and career. This includes signposting and support to enable involvement in co-curricular opportunities
•    support students’ personal and professional development through providing initial advice and signposting to appropriate careers guidance and related opportunities and services 
•    provide initial pastoral support for their tutees and refer students to support services in the School, Faculty and University, with some ongoing pastoral support if appropriate to the School context.  

Each School has an Academic Personal Tutor Lead. Details of School based Welcome, Induction and Transition activity are available online

Training and Resources

University of Leeds staff can self-enrol onto a Minerva organisation containing policy documents, training materials and resources. These offer further guidance and support to help you to undertake and reflect on the role of Academic Personal Tutor at Leeds. In addition, there are a number of video-based scenarios highlighting common challenges facing tutors, accompanied by commentary on how you might respond in each case. 

Access the organisation and follow the on-screen instructions to self-enrol. 

In addition, bespoke sessions can be organised on request within Schools and Faculties. For further information, please email

Disability Services 

Student Support Services 

Disability Support 


Disability Services works with students and Schools to recommend reasonable adjustments for disabled students at the University of Leeds, including in relation to adjustments to learning and teaching, and putting in place exam arrangements.  These recommendations are coordinated by our Disability Advisory Team and made available to Schools using the Support Summary Sheet document, which is sent to School Disability Contacts.  Personal Tutors should receive a copy of the Support Summary Sheet for any disabled students they are working with, and will be able to check this for further information about the student’s disability, the impact on learning and recommendations for adjustments to teaching.  

In order to access support and adjustments, students must first register with Disability Services.  Personal Tutors can assist with this by signposting students to Disability Services, and encouraging students to register.  

Disability Services can also provide specialist information and advice to Personal Tutors on all aspects of disabled student support, including advice on inclusive practice and discussing students anonymously if required. 



Tel 0113 34 33927 

Location Reception: 09:00-17:00, Ground Floor Chemistry West Building 

To register with Disability Services students can complete the sign-up form here:

Student Wellbeing  

There are many ways we can help support student wellbeing. Allowing students the chance to have a conversation with you about how they are feeling and using empathy and active listening skills is a great start. Sometimes this may result in helping students to navigate policies and processes; helping them to identify and resolve challenges or problems; or may mean referring them to specialist support services either within or outside the university.  We have different options within the University that you might recommend to your tutees. 

Student Counselling and Wellbeing 

Our Student Counselling and Wellbeing service offers professional support from Counsellors, Mental Health Advisors and Wellbeing Practitioners through individual appointments, group workshops and self-help resources. Students will need to complete the online self-referral form in order to receive an appointment.  If you are particularly concerned about a student and you feel they would benefit from a more immediate intervention you can contact the duty practitioner for advice on 0113 34 34106 or email You may find the Crisis Pathway helpful in deciding where to direct a student in crisis.  

The University also works with Big White Wall, an anonymous, online 24/7 peer and professional support tool, supported by trained counsellors. This is free to all University of Leeds students and staff when they sign up with their university email address.  

Leeds Student Medical Practice 

Leeds Student Medical Practice is designed and operated to suit the needs of students studying in higher education and living in Leeds. The Leeds Student Medical Practice offers a wide range of services including a dedicated 3 bed sick bay facility during University term-time. 

Policies supporting student wellbeing 

We have a range of policies that support students at Leeds. These can help support students who are struggling to attend classes, complete work, or who are experiencing unexpected life events. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the most used policies such as attendance monitoring, extensions and mitigating circumstances in order to best support your tutees.  

Other services 

You may want to help a student with aspects of their health and wellbeing using one of our other services. For a full list, including what they can help you with, see our support services page. If you are uncertain of how to support a student your School Student Support Officer or Faculty Student Support Manager will be able to help you.  

For students 

Students can find out more about support available through our student facing website.

Leeds for Life 

The following information is available to the personal tutor to inform discussions at personal tutorials.  The tutee can also give access to other advisors they may have – eg careers advisor or student support officer. 

All information is visible and updatable for 5 years after graduation. 

Leeds for Life

The following functionality is available to all UG and TPG students. 

Personal tutoring

Online forms which help students to prepare for personal tutorials by providing them with key information and enabling them to formulate and submit questions to their tutors ahead of the meeting.  The tutor records the outcome of the meeting and the tutee records the action points.  These feed forward to the next personal tutorial.  All personal tutors can access former tutees’ forms to support reference requests. 

Language Exchange

Enables students and staff to set up a profile of the language skills they have and those they want to develop.  The system performs a match and enables contact between the matches. 

Leeds Network

Provides an online career networking opportunity for our students to connect with our alumni.  Students can search by a range of criteria to help with their career planning, eg ‘what did the geographers go on to do’?  Or ‘what kind of graduates work in the oil industry’? 

Opportunities database

A searchable database of (largely) volunteering opportunities, quality controlled by SES, which develop transferable skills.  Students are prompted to record their reflections on each experience, eg for CV. 

Skills map

A simple presentation of the key skills the University hopes to develop in its graduates and the evidence a student has for having developed those skills (brings in relevant academic modules and opportunities they have taken from the database). 


Our implementation of the (national) Higher Education Achievement Record.  A ‘live’ record of academic and University validated co-curricular achievements. 

Personal Development Timeline 

A presentation of student activity and achievements across the academic year(s).  Students can add (and reflect on) their own achievements as well as those in the Opportunities database. 

Broadening ‘navigator’

An explanation of our concept of broadening, helping students to find the most appropriate Discovery Modules and build a wish list for online registration. 

Funding or personal development

Access to the LfL Foundation which funds projects focussing on the personal development of the student, and attendance at academic conferences.  This fund is open to UG, TPG and RPG. 

TPG students also have: 



  • Useful links - A list of resources focussed on supporting the TPG community. 
  • Postgraduate Achievement Record – a record of module marks and of any achievements (training, work experience, etc) the student chooses to record.  


Contact info:

General enquires (

IT Service Desk ( to report LfL user issues 

Volunteering enquires (

Student Placement 

What it provides for Personal Tutors (i.e. why does a tutor need to know about this?) 

During their time at Leeds students are encouraged to take advantage of some of the fantastic opportunities to develop their skills and experiences alongside their programme of study. This could include volunteering, part time work, internships or work placements. You can find out more information about these at

Why it is useful for tutees (e.g. what does it provide for students? Info? Support? Opportunities?) 

All students at the University of Leeds have the option of completing a work placement as part of their degree. Usually it is taken between year 2 and 3. This full academic year is an opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience which will have a positive impact on their decision making in relation to the options available to them on graduation. 

How to access/contacts (phone/email/web) 

For more information students should use the Your Placement Year guide which is available via Minerva The guide is in 4 sections which support students throughout the process - Securing your placement, Planning and preparing for your placement, Support during your placement and Finishing your placement and returning to University. 

Each Faculty / School also has a Placement Tutor who can answer specific questions and students can find who their Placement Tutor is and students can find placement vacancies (including paid roles exclusive to University of Leeds students via the Leeds Internship Programme

Study Abroad 

Studying abroad provides students with the opportunity to enhance their degree and increase their employability during a year of study at one of our partner institutions. Most of our courses offer the chance to study abroad between level 2 and 3, with the prerequisite of achieving an average above 59.9% in level 1. Find out about the different study abroad options and how they fit with our degree programmes . 

The year abroad is designed to enable students to explore their degree from a new perspective and build on their learning experience by taking modules outside of their degree too. We have over 300 exchange partners in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Korea and Latin America. Information for students on the study abroad programme is available here and via the Study Aboard Organisation on Minerva. 

Each school has a Study Abroad Coordinator who is the main contact for academic advice. Contacts for each school is available. Alternatively contact the Study Abroad office. 

Academic Skills 


If you think a student would benefit from additional support with developing their academic skills, you can refer them to Skills@Library. 

The service, which is based in the Laidlaw Library, can provide support for your tutees at different stages of their studies, on topics including:  


  • finding and evaluating information 
  • critical thinking 
  •  reading and note-making 
  • academic writing 
  •  referencing and academic integrity 
  •  digital literacy 
  • preparing for examinations 
  • presentation skills 
  • mathematics and statistics 


In addition to online academic skills resources, the service provides an open programme of workshops and webinars and 1-to-1 support. Skills@Library also offers a Maths and Statistics drop-in service. 



Tel: 0113 34 34096 

Location: Skills@Library Office, Level 1, Laidlaw Library 

Student Finance and Hardship Support

Student Finance and Hardship Support – Personal Tutors 

The majority of students at the University of Leeds receive some form of financial support.  For most students funding will be received as expected, and this together with other sources of income, such as paid work, will provide sufficient income to support them throughout their studies.  Unfortunately for some students this is not the case and from time to time they may experience funding issues or find themselves in unexpected financial hardship.  If you become aware of students in such a situation they should be referred to the Funding Team, who specialise in all aspects of student finance, and will therefore be able to provide the necessary support and guidance. 

Student Finance and Hardship Support – Tutees 

The Student Funding team is responsible for the administration of student financial support at the University of Leeds.  This includes, but is not limited to: awarding and paying Leeds Financial Support (LFS); receiving and assessing applications for the Leeds Hardship Fund (LHF) and the International Leeds Hardship Fund (ILHF); communicating with and reporting to the Student Loans Company to enable payment of student maintenance loans and tuition fee loans, and administering US Federal Loans.  If you are experiencing financial problems, find yourself in unexpected financial hardship or simply have a funding query you should contact the Funding Team who will be able to provide you with the necessary information, support and guidance. 

Funding contact details 

Email:; Tel: 0113 343 2007; Web or

Leeds University Union 

LUU Student Advice is a confidential service for all students at the University.  Help and support is available for students on a wide range of issues including housing problems, academic concerns, mental health difficulties and students who have been victims of assault. Students can access support by talking to the reception staff in the LUU foyer or if you have the student’s permission: you can email with 


  • the student’s contact details  
  • confirmation that you have agreed with them that we will be in contact  
  • a brief summary of why you are referring them. 
  •  Student societies are also coordinated in LUU and can be very beneficial for student wellbeing and belonging. You can find a full list of societies on the LUU website.  


Student Cases 


Student Cases (academic misconduct, disciplinary, appeals and complaints)



Tel 0113 34 31276 

Location 11.68, Level 11, EC Stoner Building  

Student Careers 

What it provides for personal tutors (i.e. why does a tutor need to know about this? 

Student Careers helps students to discover the range of opportunities open to them, both at Leeds and thereafter, develop themselves personally and professionally, to make decisions about their next steps following University, and ultimately to be successful in pursuing these.

We connect students with employers, alumni, professional organisations and others to help them access opportunities.  We also educate students in core career management and development skills and support them to recognise and articulate the transferable skills gained through their programme.

In addition to central teams, we have dedicated Employability Teams for each faculty. Your Faculty Employability Manager will be happy to provide more information on how we can support you and your students. You can find their contact details on our website

Why it is useful for tutees (e.g. what does it provide for students? Info? Support? Opportunities?

Students can access professional, up to date and impartial information, advice, and guidance to help them be successful in their next steps, whatever their individual ambitions or interests might be. This includes further study, taking time out, starting a business, or anything else, not just graduate jobs.

Please encourage students to use the University's 'Your Future' framework as a starting point to help them to consider their own development and to explore the support, resources, and opportunities to help them to do this.

How to access/contacts (phone/email/web) 

Main website: for information about services, advice, resources
MyCareer: To access events, opportunities, mentoring and appointments for 1:1 careers advice
@LeedsUniCareers on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
0113 3435295

Supporting students in crisis

This section is currently being reviewed. In the meantime, please find the guidance given directly to students -