Exceptional cases for postgraduate researcher admissions

If an applicant does not meet the usual entry requirements or the school would like special arrangements to be made for the applicant, the school must provide evidence for the applicant to be accepted.

Recommendation for how cases should be made

The following is a suggested format for such cases:

  • Set out the current situation.
  • Explain the purpose of the case; what it is that you want to achieve (e.g. student to not have to meet normal residency requirements, offer to be issued despite the applicant not meeting standard entry requirements).
  • Provide evidence to support the request, usually based on information from the student's application, references, interview notes and emails. Any information provided must be evidence-based. 
  • If relevant, say who else has been in contact with the applicant (eg supervisor, PGRT), if they support the case and why.
  • If the case is successful how it is that the school will ensure the student is adequately supported.

English language cases 

The school should only make a case if there is a compelling reason why the applicant should be accepted without the need for them to meet the standard entry requirement.

The case must be made on the English language case template and all sections should be completed, including the reason why the applicant cannot meet the standard requirement. 

If the applicant will require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK then there is only scope for a case if the applicant has met the English language requirements for their visa application (CEFR B2). If the applicant is below the Home Office’s requirements in any area then the case cannot be considered.

Please see the English language case template (DOC) for more information.