Transfer in - postgraduate researchers

This section applies to PGRs who are currently registered for a research degree at another university and who wish, as a result of their supervisor moving to Leeds, to arrange a transfer to Leeds to continue with their research. 

Staff in Faculties/Schools at Leeds should note the following points: 

Applicants can only transfer to Leeds with their supervisor at the point their supervisor's contract at Leeds begins.

(i) Applicants can only transfer their candidature to Leeds when their supervisor takes up an appointment at Leeds;
(ii) Transfers can only take place at the point the supervisor's contract at Leeds begins;
(iii) Transfers will only be accepted from those institutions with research degree awarding powers;
(iv) The research studies already undertaken at the other institution may count towards the prescribed study for the research degree at Leeds;
(v) The research PGR must register at Leeds and pay the appropriate academic fees for their programme of study for a minimum of 12 months full time or 24 months part-time (overtime period is in addition to this period of time);
(vi) A PGR who has already completed more than 24 months full-time or more than 36 months part-time at the original institution would not be eligible for transfer;
(vii) The candidate meets the standard requirements with no loss of quality to be accepted for the degree;
(viii) The PGR is of good standing with the other institution both academically and financially.

The Applicant must complete a standard research study application form and the School must complete the Transfer-in Form.

The School must provide an official document from the previous institution which verifies the details provided on the Transfer-in Form. A letter from Central Registry or equivalent is required.

If the PGR holds a scholarship, it is the School's responsibility to check if this can be transferred to Leeds. This should be checked before the School make a recommendation that the offer of a place be made.

Full details of the policy and procedure to be followed are set out in the policy and procedure document.