Research degree candidatures code of practice

This Code sets out a framework of shared responsibilities between the University, supervisors and candidates with the aim of delivering successful research degree programmes and to inspire all our research students to develop their full potential.

The Code also outlines the minimum standards students can expect in connection with the supervision of their research degree study.

Code of practice for research degree candidatures 2016/17 (PDF)

Each faculty publishes a supplementary protocol which provides details of how the Code is implemented within the local context.

Arts protocol 2016/17 (PDF)

Arts practice-led protocol 2015/16 (PDF)

Biological Sciences protocol 2016/17 (PDF) 

Business School protocol 2016/17 (PDF)

Education, Social Sciences and Law protocol 2016/17 (PDF) 

Engineering protocol 2016/17 (PDF)

Environment protocol 2016/17 (PDF) 

Maths and Physical Sciences protocol 2015/16 (PDF)

Medicine and Health protocol 2016/17 (PDF)

Performance, Visual Arts and Communications protocol 2015/16 (PDF)

Performance, Visual Arts and Communications practice-led protocol 2015/16 (PDF) 

Leeds Trinity University protocol 2016/17 (PDF)

Leeds Trinity University practice-led protocol 2016/17 (PDF)

York St John University protocol 2016/17 (PDF) 

York St John University practice-led protocol 2016/17 (PDF)