Invigilator training

To become a University examination invigilator, you must successfully complete our online training.

Core training 

Before taking the training, please read the Operational guide for invigilation at the University of Leeds (PDF) to familiarise yourself with invigilation procedures.

There are two parts to the online training:

  • Part 1: preparing the examination venue before the exam
  • Part 2: the role of the invigilator during the examination

After each part, you will be invited to complete an online quiz. You must score at least 90% on each quiz to pass.

You must pass both quizzes before you will be allocated any invigilation duties. 

At the end of each quiz you must inform us of your results by emailing us a screenshot of the results page.  The screenshot must include your name, the date training was completed and your scores.  When shown your score at the end of the quiz:

  • Click 'Print results'.
  • Enter your name when prompted.
  • A Word document listing all your choices will show.  
  • Take a screenshot or a photo of the results at the top of the document and email the image to us at

If you experience problems opening the training links, try using the Internet Explorer web browser.

Invigilation training - part 1
Invigilation training - part 2


Some invigilators will be invited to work in our temporary examination sub-offices in the exam periods. These invigilators need to complete the relevant online training.  

Sub-office training - part 1
Sub-office training - part 2

Please also read the Operational guide for examination sub-offices (PDF).

Examination Assistants

Invigilators may also want to be considered to work as amanuenses, typists, readers or prompters during exams. They should complete the relevant online training.

Examination assistant training

Please also read the Operational guide for examination assistants (PDF).