Languages for All

Undergraduates can choose to study a foreign language through Languages for All to add to their experience at University.

What is Languages for All?

Languages for All, in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, offers a range of language modules which students can take as part of their chosen programme of study. 

The Languages for All programme gives undergraduates the opportunity to develop foreign language skills at a variety of levels from beginners to advanced, enabling them to pursue their passion for language study.  Students can choose a language which is completely new to them or continue a language that they have studied before.

The Languages for All modules are offered as part of Languages and Intercultural Understanding – one of the University’s 10 discovery themes.

Why learn a language?

Students can benefit from learning a language in the following ways:

  • by gaining practical language skills
  • by developing linguistic and cultural knowledge, vital for graduates competing in a global market
  • by enhancing their employability and differentiating their CV 
  • by maximising the experience of studying and/or working abroad
  • by developing a global perspective as part of belonging to a global community.