Disabled Students' Assessment and Support

The team offers specialist support for our disabled students to help them with their studies and can offer advice on funding and accommodation.

Through Disabled Students' Assessment and Support (DSAS), disabled students have access to a named disability co-ordinator, liaison with academic departments, sign language interpreting and alternative examination arrangements, extended library loans, loan of equipment and adaptations to University accommodation.

DSAS can also advise students on sources of funding and help them fill in the necessary forms. 

DSAS is made up of several teams:

Leeds Assessment Centre

Leeds Assessment Centre is based in the University and is a member of the National Network of Assessment Centres and is registered with Disabled Students' Allowances – Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG).

Staff in the team carry out needs assessments for students applying for Disabled Students' Allowances and help identify the most appropriate support to meet each student's needs.

The Centre is open to students applying to or studying at any UK higher education institution, not just those at or intending to come to Leeds. 

Disability Coordinator team

The Disability Coordinator Team provide support, advice and expertise to the University and students on the policy and specific educational adjustments needed to enable disabled students to fully access their education. The Team work with academic schools and services, and with individual students.

    Disability Coordinator team
    Role Contact
    Assistant Head of Student Support

    Simon Morris

    0113 34 36994

    Disability Coordinator (Medicine and Health, and Environment) Sheenagh Hull
    Disability Coordinator (Arts, The Language Centre, Lifelong Learning and Interfaculty) Simon Phillips
    Disability Coordinator (Biological Sciences, MaPS and Engineering) Harriet Cannon
    Disability Coordinator (ESSL) Joanna Cannon
    Disability Coordinator (PVAC and LUBS) Jenny Brady
    Administration Officer Helen Wilson

    Disability contacts 

    The University has a network of disability contacts within academic schools and faculties. Once disabled students have received a Needs Assessment, a copy of the assessment report is sent to the relevant disability contact.

    The disability contact is then responsible for working with relevant staff members, including personal tutors and module leaders, to ensure that appropriate arrangements are put in place for the student within the department. Disability contacts carry out this role on a part-time basis and these responsibilities sit alongside their other academic and/or non-academic responsibilities. Disability contacts are welcome to contact the DSAS team at any stage if they have any questions about the access requirements of an individual student.

    Disability contacts
    Academic unit Contact
    Biological sciences

    Hayley Kongialis

    0113 343 8200

    Victoria Place

    0113 343 4273

    Martin Stacey (academic contact)

    0113 343 3145 

    Business School

    Debbie Senior (undergraduate contact)

    0113 343 4477 

    Diana Holmes (Administrative contact)

    0113 343 7374

    Katie Powers (taught postgraduate contact)

    0113 343 0201

    Yawen Ho (postgraduate contact)

    Careers Service

    Stephen Bone

    0113 343 2788

    Chemical and Process Engineering

    Lindsay Morris

    0113 343 2694 


    Jasmine Dempsey

    0113 343 0465

    Civil Engineering

    Sally Mortimer

    0113 343 2246 


    Charlotte Francis

    0113 343 5821


    Allison Iredale

    0113 343 6420


    Jane Rushton

    0113 343 3700 

    Distance Learning Centre

    Gail Hardwick

    0113 343 8901

    Earth and Environment

    Katrina Firth

    0113 343 6722 

    Jacqui Houghton


    Marie Fordham

    0113 343 7300

    Educational Engagement

    Katie Ball

    0113 343 1236

    Electronic and Electrical Engineering

    Zoe Burns

    0113 343 6331


    Maddy Burrows

    0113 343 7859 


    Jon Gillam

    Kerry Harrison

    Hilorene Sutton

    Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies

    Alison Martin

    0113 343 5260

    Food Science and Nutrition

    Jane Thorn

    0113 343 0975


    Claire Gorner (undergraduate and taught postgraduate contact)

    0113 343 3303 

    Paul Morris

    0113 343 9440

    Jacqui Manton (research postgraduate administrator)

    0113 343 6531 

    Healthcare Studies

    Joanne Lay (nursing)

    0113 343 7187 


    Claire Morris

    0113 343 36770 


    Gwil Selwood

    0113 343 7236

    Language Centre

    Jane Smalley

    0113 343 3245

    Amanda Barbedette-Green

    0113 343 3251

    Languages, Cultures and Societies

    Bernadine Hafidh

    0113 343 3421 


    Amanda Keeling

    0113 343 9584

    Leeds Institute of Medical Education

    Jenny Nansera (BSc Radiology)


    Audrey Cobb

    0113 343 7491

    Lifelong Learning Centre

    Paul Devlin

    0113 343 2609 


    Heather Ugarte

    0113 343 5140

    Mechanical Engineering

    Jenny Johnson

    0113 343 2127

    Media and Communication

    Talin Aghanian


    Stephanie Briggs

    0113 343 4335

    Emma Bates (BSc Radiography)

    0113 343 8315

    Heather Marquis (BSc Healthcare Sciences- Cardiac, Physiology and Audiology)

    0113 343 7234


    Terri Watkins

    0113 343 2546 

    Performance and Cultural Industries

    Terri Watkins

    0113 343 2546 

    Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science

    Jonny Ackroyd

    0113 343 0249 

    Physics and Astronomy

    Jiannis Pachos (academic contact)

    0113 343 3817 

    Jenny Heaton

    0113 343 3429 

    Lara Burkhalter

    Politics and International Studies

    Mette Wiggen

    0113 343 9205

    Martin Pelan

    0113 343 4570


    Richard Harris

    0113 343 9849

    Louise Gill

    0113 343 5721

    Sociology and Social Policy

    Suzanne Hallam (undergraduate and postgraduate contact)

    0113 343 4455

    Richard Tavernier (foundation year contact)

    0113 343 9109 

    Transport Studies

    Bryan Matthews

    0113 343 5341

    Hazel Smoczynska

    0113 343 4656

    Support worker team

    We employ a large number of support workers to provide different types of one-to-one support for disabled students. This includes personal assistants, note-taker support, mentoring and study strategy tuition. The Support Worker Team manages this function.

    Support Worker team
    Role Contact
    Support Worker Team Manager

    Martin Hall

    0113 34 4399 

    Support Worker Officer

    Paul Whitehead

    0113 34 37547

    Support Worker Assistant

    Charlotte Hendry

    0113 34 34672

    Support roles and charge rates

    Advice for staff

    DSAS can offer advice, guidance and support to members of staff who are supporting a disabled student. This can be done without disclosing the student’s name if necessary.  


    If you wish to refer a student to DSAS you can either:

    • ask the student to come for drop-in, or to make a guidance appointment.
    • contact DSAS directly to discuss the referral, and ask us to contact the student.


    The DSAS team can offer bespoke training for academic staff on supporting students with specific disabilities.