Submitting information for student communications

This page provides information about the type of information that is sent out to students, the channels used to communicate University-wide messages and how to submit your information to these channels.  

The theme of content 

  1.  Academic life - this relates to the student journey in line with the academic year.
  2.  Health & wellbeing - the health and support services/facilities available to students.
  3.  Study support - the wide range of study related support available to students.
  4.  Opportunities - what's available to students to help them make the most of their time at Leeds.
  5.  Life at Leeds - this is about campus, making the most of university life and events that are happening on campus.


The student communications team manage a number of channels that are used to inform students of university-wide messages, these are: 

The other channels used by the team, but not managed by them, are: campus-wide plasma screensMinerva, the UniLeeds App and traditional items such as poster and leaflets. 

Submitting your content and deadline dates

Complete this online form so that the student communications team can include it in their activities. You will need your university email address and password to sign in to the form. 

Information about the theme for each fortnight and deadline dates for submission for submission are: 

Fortnight dates

 Content theme  Newsletter date Deadline for newsletter
 11 Sept - 24 Sept  Academic life, Life at Leeds   20 Sept  15 Sept
 25 Sept - 8 Oct  Study Support, Opportunities  4 Oct  29 Sept
 9 Oct - 22 Oct  Opportunities, Health & wellbeing  18 Oct  13 Oct
 23 Oct - 5 Nov  Life in Leeds, Study Support  1 Nov  25 Oct
 6 Nov - 19 Nov  Health & Wellbeing, Study Support  15 Nov  8 Nov
 20 Nov - 3 Dec  Life at Leeds, Health & Wellbeing  29 Nov  22 Nov
 4 Dec - 17 Dec  Academic Life, Study support  13 Dec  6 Dec
 18 - 22 Dec  Life at Leeds, Health & Wellbeing, Study Support  20 Dec  TBC

If you have any questions or need further support, please email the Student Communications team: