Submitting information for student communications

A summary of channels used to communicate university-wide messages to students and details of how you can submit information to be published on these channels. 

The digital channels used to communicate university-wide information to students are: 

Minerva and the UniLeeds App are also digital channels used, but these are managed by individual teams.

The theme of content 

Information sent to students through email newsletters and student facing channels broadly falls under 5 themes: 

1. Academic Life
This is information that relates to the student journey and the academic year. This covers everything from arrival and registration through to graduation and everything that’s in between. 

2. Health & Wellbeing
This theme provides students with information about help and support that’s available to them such as the disability and the student counselling & wellbeing services. This theme also provides an opportunity to promote sports facilities and initiatives and provide students with things such as tips and advice on looking after themselves. 

3. Opportunities
This theme helps students explore new and exciting opportunities that help them make the most of their time at Leeds. This covers a range of topics such as information about the careers service, volunteering opportunities, programmes and schemes that are available to students such as Leeds to New York. This theme also covers mention, study abroad and a year in industry information. 

4. Study Support
This is information that communicate the huge range of support students are provided in their studies. This includes sharing things such as library opening times, skills development, IT related information around printing and submitting work. Also included in this is tips on topics such as time management and revision. 

5. Life at Leeds
This theme covers everything from settling in to university life and finding your way around campus through to apps that will help you around campus and key dates for events that are happening at the University.

Submitting content to the channels managed by central communications

Complete an online form to submit information for students through social media or the email newsletters. You will need your university email address and password to sign in to the form. 

Information about the type of content that we send to students and deadline dates for submission are all within the online form.

If you have any questions or need further support, please contact the Student Communications team: