Faculty Taught Student Education Committees

Faculty Taught Student Education Committees are responsible for the quality and standard of the school's student education provision, quality assurance procedures, developing student education policy and identifying, implementing and sharing good practice.

The Faculty Taught Student Education Committee (FTSEC) reports to the Taught Student Education Board, and is responsible at Faculty level for:

  • assuring the quality of taught programmes
  • quality assurance procedures and developing student education policy
  • directly overseeing and monitoring programme and module review and the managing and assuring of the quality of student education provision
  • considering outcomes of external and professional, statutory and regulatory body (PSRB) reviews and subsequent action by the school
  • developing, identifying and sharing good practice.

Committee papers

Documents, including agendas, committee papers and minutes are available on Sharepoint. These can be accessed by any student or member of staff, but you will need to log on to the system with your University IT username and password.

Terms of reference

 You can also download the FTSEC Terms of Reference document (PDF).

FTSEC subgroups

Each FTSEC establishes a subgroup of members to take particular responsibility for issues relating to one School or area within the Faculty. Membership of the subgroups may vary according to Faculty needs.

The FTSEC subgroup gives detailed consideration to new programmes through the Programme Approval Group (PAG) and participates in Student Academic Experience Reviews (SAERs), making reports and recommendations to the FTSEC as appropriate.

Chair's action

There are specific situations in which authorisation can be given by Chair's action:

  • appointment of external examiners
  • appointment of internal examiners
  • new modules resulting from the appointment of new staff or loss of staff which have to be dealt with over the summer period
  • urgent action resulting from programme reviews which needs to be implemented for the start of the session.

In other situations Chair's action will only be used in exceptional circumstances.

Meeting dates 2017/18

 Faculty  Date  Time
Arts, Humanities and Cultures  Tuesday 31st October 2017 14:00
Tuesday 23rd January 2018 14:00 
Tuesday 17th April 2018 14:00 
Tuesday 12th Jun 2018 14:00
Biological Sciences Friday 3rd November 2017 10:00
Friday 26th January 2018 10:00
Friday 20th April 2018 10:00
Friday 15th June 2018 10:00
Business Tuesday 31st October 2017 10:00
Tuesday 23rd January 2018 10:00
Tuesday 17th April 2018 10:00
Tuesday 12th June 2018 10:00
Education, Social Sciences and Law Tuesday 31st October 2017 14:00
Tuesday 23rd January 2018 14:00
Tuesday 17th April 2018 14:00
Tuesday 12th June 2018 14:00
Engineering Thursday 2nd November 2017 13:00
Thursday 25th January 2018 13:00
Thursday 19th April 2018 13:00
Thursday 14th June 2018 13:00
Environment Thursday 2nd November 2017 10:00
Thursday 25th January 2018 10:00
Thursday 19th April 2018 10:00
Thursday 14th June 2018 10:00
Mathematics and Physical Sciences Thursday 9th November 2017 15:00
Thursday 1st February 2018 14:00
Thursday 19th April 2018 14:00
Thursday 14th June 2018 14:00

Medicine and Health Tuesday 7th November 2017 10:00
Thursday 25th January 2018 14:00
Thursday 19th April 2018 14:00
Thursday 14th June 2018 14:00
Cross Institution Thursday 9th November 2017 10:00
Thursday 1st February 2018 10:00
Thursday 26th April 2018 10:00
Thursday 21st June 2018 10:00