Module evaluation survey statements

Module evaluation surveys at the University must test a set of core statements with students. There are optional statements which can also be included.

All module surveys should use a 1-5 scoring system:

  • 1= Definitely disagree
  • 2= Mostly disagree
  • 3= Neither agree nor disagree
  • 4= Mostly agree
  • 5= Definitely agree

They should include the opportunity for students to offer additional comments.

Core (required) statements

The set of core statements, which module evaluation surveys must include in full, is:

1. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the module.
2. I was fully engaged with this module.
3. The teaching on this module was of a high standard.
4. Teaching staff were enthusiastic about the module.
5. The module content was intellectually stimulating.
6. Support materials and resources were of a high standard.
7. Sufficient guidance was available from the teaching staff when needed in this module.

Additional (optional) statements

The optional statements, which module leaders may want to select from, is:

1. Useful advice has been readily available to support my progress.
2. The module helped me develop my ability to work as part of a group/team.
3. I understood clearly the standard of tutorial/assignment work expected.
4. Use of Minerva supported my learning.
5. Use of e-learning tools aided my study for this module.
6. I have benefited from being in contact with active researchers/scholars.
7. The module has improved my oral communication skills.
8. The academic expectations on this module were appropriate.
9. I have been able to access the library resources for the module.
10.The aims and objectives of the module were clear.
11. Teaching staff were good at explaining things.
12. The lectures in this module were stimulating.
13. The lectures in this module were in general informative.
14. The seminars in this module were stimulating.
15.The seminars in this module developed my ideas.
16.The seminars in this module were interactive.
17. The content of the module was clearly informed by the latest publications, research or practice.
18. The feedback on written work was useful.
19. I have been encouraged to develop skills which will be useful for my future career.
20. The module was clearly relevant to my programme.
21. The learning outcomes for this module were made clear to me.