Study abroad approval

Quality assurance of study abroad arrangements, including new exchanges, are supported by the Study Abroad office and overseen by the Collaborations and Partnerships Committee via Programme Approval Groups.

Module specification and approval

Periods of study abroad which are part of the programme of study should be specified as a module(s) in the usual way, with details of the learning and teaching and the assessment entered into the module catalogue and considered and approved by the relevant Programme Approval Group.

Exchange agreements

When a school wishes to enter into a new arrangement with an institution and implement a student exchange agreement, the details of the proposal must be considered by the School Taught Student Education Committee and the appropriate Programme Approval Group. More information and approval forms are available in the Study abroad section and below (see 'how to set up a new exchange').

Expectations for student support

There are a number of minimum expectations for student support in terms study abroad and placement. Read the University policy on placement and study abroad support.

Guidance on unsuccessful Study Year Abroad Students

There is guidance provided for Schools who have students that are unsuccessful in meeting the learning requirements for their Study Year Abroad. Read the guiding principles for students who are unsuccessful in study year abroad.

How to set up a new exchange

If you would like to set up a new exchange for study abroad, please contact the Study Abroad Office (SAO) before completing any documentation. The SAO can give you advice on what information you will need and discuss the general suitability of the proposed partner. This includes consideration about whether the link is likely to be reciprocal as all exchanges are based on one student in for one out.

For further information, please contact Greg Miller, Head of Student Placement

New study abroad agreement

The proposer should complete a proposal for a new study abroad agreement and start the following process:

  1. Send a copy to both the School Taught Student Education Committee (STSEC) and the Study Abroad Office.

  2. School TSEC considers the proposal and then sends it to the Quality Assurance team with the rest of the committee papers.

  3. The signed documentation is then presented to the appropriate Programme Approval Group (PAG) which reviews and approves the proposal. The Quality Assurance team manages this stage of the process. 

  4. University-wide proposals submitted by the Study Abroad Office are considered and approved via the Cross Institution TSEC/PAG.

A Partner Report should be completed before a new study abroad partner can be approved. If the institution is an existing partner a Partner Report is not necessary. A Partner Report can be completed by the proposed partner however this should be checked and, if necessary, added to by the proposing school. A site visit is recommended before a new agreement is created although this is at the discretion of the proposing school.

If you are considering language preparation content for a new proposal then please refer to the Language Attainment Guidelines.

Programme Approval Group meetings 

Please consult your QAT faculty contact for details of Programme Approval Group meetings.