Taught programme withdrawal

To withdraw or temporarily suspend a programme, a school must seek permission from the Taught Student Education Board via the Programme Approval Group.

The Taught Student Education Board (TSEB) ratifies taught programme withdrawal on behalf of Senate. Programme withdrawals are approved by the Programme Approval Group (PAG) following recommendation from the School Taught Student Education Committee (STSEC).

Schools should use the programme withdrawal form.

Points to consider before withdrawing or temporarily suspending a programme for one or more sessions are:

Obligations to applicants and students

Programmes that have registered students, or have made offers (including deferred offers) may not be withdrawn until the University's obligations to the individuals have been reasonably and fairly fulfilled, ie when every student has either completed, withdrawn from, or been transferred out of the programme. Students must have the opportunity to take any re-examinations to which they are entitled and to complete coursework and assignments which may contribute to their final grade.


When deciding the timing of a programme withdrawal or suspension, a school needs to consider what material has already been published about the programme, such as entries in the University prospectus, coursefinder, the web programme catalogue and any school/faculty brochures in circulation.

Relationship to the application cycle

A school cannot withdraw a programme once it has been publicised as ‘available’ in a given application cycle. Offering a student a place on a programme of study represents a contract between the student and the University: the University has a legal obligation to provide the programme as advertised. If a school wishes to withdraw a programme once the application cycle has started, the express permission of the Taught Student Education Board must be given (via the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Student Education).


The views of other schools or faculties directly involved in the programme delivery, or which contribute to compulsory or optional modules, must be sought and properly considered. Where the proposed withdrawal or suspension involves collaborative provision with external partners, the decision to withdraw must be agreed by all interested parties and must take account of any relevant provisions in the legal agreement in force at the time.

Chair's action

Where the proposed withdrawal or suspension is straightforward and all contributing schools agree, the relevant Faculty Pro Dean for Student Education may approve the proposal on behalf of the Programme Approval Group (PAG). Where the proposed withdrawal is not straightforward, or in cases involving joint delivery where not all contributing partners assent, or in any case of collaborative provision with external partners, the proposal should be considered at a full PAG meeting.