Examiners' joint report after the viva

After the oral examination, the joint examiners’ report should be correctly completed, signed and countersigned then returned to the Postgraduate Research and Operations team.

Notifying the candidate of the examiners' recommendation

The process of notifying the candidate and supervisor of the recommendation the examiners are sending forward should normally take place after the viva but, in any event, must take place within 24 hours of the oral examination. It should be made clear that the recommendation is subject to the approval of the Graduate Board’s Examinations Group.

Completing the final joint examiners' report

Report templates are available and all sections must be typed using the template provided.

The examiners must sign and attach a report front page (included with the thesis sent for examination). Original, ink signatures are needed. This should be done before the external examiner leaves. The joint examiners’ report should be countersigned by the Postgraduate Research Tutor (or Head of School) and returned to PGR & Operations, together with the copies of the completed preliminary reports. Where the examiners recommend that a thesis be referred, notes for guidance must also be prepared and submitted with the examiners’ report. 

General feedback on the examination process

If examiners wish to submit separate comments or provide any general comment or feedback regarding the examination process which they wish to bring to the attention of the Graduate Board, they are invited to do so by writing to Postgraduate Research and Operations, The University of Leeds, LS2 9JT or by emailing rp_examinations@adm.leeds.ac.uk

Graduate Board's Examinations Group

The recommendation of the examiners is subject to final approval by the Graduate Board’s Examinations Group. Members consider the content of every report form to establish that the criteria for the award of the degree has been met. The Group may ask for further information if it is not satisfied that the recommendation has been clearly and sufficiently justified or if specific examples are lacking.

Release of the examiners' report to the candidate

The joint examiners’ report will be sent to the candidate and their supervisor(s) by Postgraduate Research and Operations after approval by the Examinations Group. Please bear this in mind when completing your report.  Further guidance is given on the instructions to examiners page.

Failure to reach an agreement

In the exceptional circumstances of a failure to reach agreement on the recommendation (within the 24 hour period available) the internal examiner is asked to contact Postgraduate Research and Operations immediately. If the examiners are unable to reach an agreement they must submit separate, independent final reports. For more details, please download the procedure to be followed.